Welcome to CTRL Studio, where every project is an adventure and creativity knows no bounds. Our team is passionate about creating animations, commercials, and visuals that leave a lasting impression.

At our studio, every day presents a new opportunity to discover something unique. From conception to production to the final result, we are committed to making your project a reality.

Our team includes talented camera operators, lighting experts, experienced multimedia producers, and other industry professionals who support us on advanced projects that combine different disciplines.

We appreciate our clients having full control and understanding of the process. It is their vision, after all. However, we are like a Formula 1 racing team - fast, efficient, and ready to tackle any challenge to bring your idea to fruition.

Meeting deadlines is a top priority for us, and we make every effort to ensure your project is completed on time.

Take a look at our main specialisations, which include:
- 2D/3D animation,
- Scenographic projections (3D mapping),
- Production and post-production of films, ranging from commercials and training films to instructional videos.

We also offer multimedia installations and advertising that leaves a lasting impression.
Additionally, we provide large format projections and streaming services for webinars, conferences, and training sessions.

If you require a team to tackle challenges and bring your vision to fruition, we are at your service. Kindly inform us, and we will work together to create a product that surpasses your expectations!